Enhance Your Network with D-Link’s Innovative Connectivity Solutions

D-Link Shop Kenya, part of Almiria Limited, offers a range of top-tier networking products that cater to various connectivity needs. Among their standout offerings are the NFP-0WHI21 Dual Faceplate, NFP-0WHI11 Single Faceplate, and the NKJ-C6WHI1B21 Cat6 UTP Keystone Jack. These products are designed not only to improve your network’s performance but also to enhance its physical organization and aesthetic appeal.

1. NFP-0WHI21 Dual Faceplate with Shutter & ID Plate – White

The NFP-0WHI21 Dual Faceplate is a versatile and essential component for any structured cabling setup. Designed to accommodate two modules, this faceplate comes with shutters to protect unused ports from dust and debris, and an ID plate for easy identification of network segments. Its sleek white finish ensures it blends seamlessly into any office or home environment, maintaining a neat and professional look.

2. NFP-0WHI11 Single Faceplate with Shutter & ID Plate – White

For smaller network requirements, the NFP-0WHI11 Single Faceplate offers a perfect solution. Like its dual counterpart, it features a protective shutter and an ID plate. This single-module faceplate is ideal for personal offices or home workstations, providing a simple, clean, and efficient way to access network connections.

3. NKJ-C6WHI1B21 Cat6 UTP Keystone Jack – White

The NKJ-C6WHI1B21 Cat6 UTP Keystone Jack is a high-performance tool that ensures excellent connectivity. Compatible with both the NFP-0WHI21 and NFP-0WHI11 faceplates, this keystone jack supports up to Gigabit Ethernet speeds, making it suitable for high-speed data applications and VoIP communications. The tool-free installation and universal fit make it a convenient choice for network administrators and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Why Choose D-Link’s Network Solutions?

Reliability: D-Link’s products are engineered to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring dependable performance in demanding environments.

Aesthetics: With a uniform white finish, these faceplates and keystone jacks enhance the visual appeal of your network installations, promoting a clean and organized workspace.

Compatibility: Designed to work together seamlessly, these products simplify the process of building or upgrading a network.

Easy Identification: The inclusion of ID plates helps in managing and troubleshooting network connections, saving time and reducing errors.


Whether you are setting up a new network or upgrading an existing one, D-Link Shop Kenya’s offerings, such as the NFP-0WHI21 Dual Faceplate, NFP-0WHI11 Single Faceplate, and the NKJ-C6WHI1B21 Cat6 UTP Keystone Jack, provide you with robust tools to create a reliable and aesthetically pleasing network environment. Visit D-Link Shop Kenya today to explore these and other innovative networking solutions that cater to your connectivity needs.

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